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Figuring Out Your Proper Dosage for a New Hemp Oil is Easy. Just Follow these General Guidelines!

  • Shake It Up
  • Get Ready For The Drop(per)
  • Low & Slow Is The Way To Go
  • Good Things (And Feelings) Come To Those Who Wait
  • Make It Personal

Shake It Up

Like most oils, hemp oil mixtures can settle after being stored in a container prior to being used. Anytime you use hemp oil, you should shake the bottle well before getting your dose!

Get Ready for the Drop(per)

Before filling your dropper, you’ll want to decide how much hemp oil you want to take. If it’s your first time with a particular hemp oil, then you’ll probably want to start with a smaller dose first to get a feel for its effects and potency. A full dropper is one milliliter, and most typical doses range from one-quarter to half of the full dropper amount. Many users follow a dosing pattern of one-quarter to one-half a dropper once to twice a day, whereas others prefer to “microdose” and split a full dropper into three different doses over the course of the day. If you’re new to hemp oil and unsure of what dosing pattern or amount is right for you, know that…

Low & Slow is the Way to Go

CBD hemp oil is completely safe and is usually well tolerated by new users. However, if you want to be extra safe, you can start off by taking a dose of one-eighth of the dropper for three to four days before slowly increasing your dosage amount until you feel your desired relief. This dosing principle applies to new and experienced users alike, and it makes sense: if you were trying a new food, you wouldn’t eat a whole platter of it, would you? Starting small and then scaling up based on your enjoyment is the best way to have a pleasurable, relaxing experience with hemp oil.

Good Things (and Feelings) Come to Those Who Wait

When taking hemp oil, especially the first time, don’t get frustrated or take more if you don’t feel its effects right away. Hemp oil differs from other forms of CBD, and it may take up to 30 or 40 minutes before you start feeling its effects. It may also take several tries at dosing before you find the right dosing amount and pattern for you. Consistency is key in helping you experience the effects of hemp oil that you want. Using CBD daily is the best way to maximize its effects for your body.

Make It Personal

Using CBD for therapeutic purposes is an intensely personal experience, and only you can decide the right amount for you. If you experience unpleasant effects, stop taking hemp oil right away. You may also find it helpful to take notes whenever you start a new CBD regimen, as having references as to when you dose and how much you take can help you fine-tune your personal dose more efficiently.


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