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Recharge Yourself for Better Daze Ahead


Rejuvenate Your Spirit with Plant-Derived Power.

Our Better Daze Energy Drops are an organic, fast-acting energy supplement that can provide you an energy and attitude boost greater than most energy drinks or workout powders, without all the harmful side effects or potentially addictive properties. Order today to find out why our plant-based energy booster is cleaner and more powerful than the other energy supplements on the market.

The Advantage of Choosing Our Hemp Oil for Your Energy Boost Needs Include:

  • Faster-acting than most medications
  • No unhealthy, artificial sugars
  • No risk of addiction
  • No harmful side effects
  • Completely organic + plant based
  • Our 60ml bottles are twice the size of the leading competitor

Who doesn’t want a little kick in their day from time to time?

Life is hard! With work, family, kids, running everyone around to activities and getting your own work in… we’re tired just thinking about it! Many people consume energy products that are harmful to their health. Popular products like Red Bull and Five Hour Energy are unsustainable, full of sugar and can be addicting. There must be a better, safer, healthier way to recharge! The answer: hemp oil.

Hemp oil is used to treat different ailments in many kinds of applications, and the ways it’s being used to help people continue to grow. One of the newest uses is via hemp-derived cannabinoids that can play a role in boosting energy. Studies have shown that hemp oil can increase energy levels, and an increasing number of people, including athletes, are adding it to their workout regimens.

Our Better Daze Energy Drops are perfect for daytime use and pre- and post-workout. There are a lot of reasons to add this to your regimen, regardless of your lifestyle. For starters, the hemp oil drops are easy to use: just a drop under the tongue and you’re ready to go. A bottle slips easily into your workout bag or handbag for on-the-go use. By taking the drop under the tongue, the hemp oil can enter the bloodstream faster than when taken in gummie form, which must first go through your digestive tract before you feel the effects.

Hemp oil drops have a higher bioavailability than most other forms of CBD consumption. But what does this mean? Bioavailability refers to the percentage of a substance that the body absorbs, or how much of a substance can enter the bloodstream unaltered. The faster a substance enters the bloodstream without going through the digestive system, the higher the level of bioavailability. To the consumer, this means that hemp oil is a faster-acting energizer than most other products, be they gummies or energy drinks.

There are so many benefits of hemp oil, and energy is just one of them:


A supplement that gives you an energy boost from plants —as opposed to artificial sugars— seems like the best supplement to add to your daily health and wellness regime.



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