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It’s Summer Cocktail Time

Jennifer Adair
July 10, 2020

It seems like everyone is experimenting with cannabidoil (CBD) oil, and why not? We like to mix it in our smoothies, lattes, tea and cocktails around here. CBD cocktails are everywhere, depending on where you live and the laws there. Nowadays, you can pretty much find a CBD beverage or cocktail in most LA bars, bistros and even coffee shops. Maxwell Reis the beverage director at Gracias Madre in West Hollywood was one of the first to start incorporating CBD into his cocktails. His love of agave spirits and experimenting with new ingredients has given us some inspiration.

The benefits of CBD are a perfect compliment to a cocktail, or even your morning matcha. Feelings of relaxation, euphoria, anxiety relief, and a sense of well being seem to pair well with a cocktail or your nightly tea, because who doesn’t like to feel relaxed? You can use oils, or tinctures. Each lend a different taste and vibe. Oil lands on the top of a drink which can be great if you want to see and smell the aroma while you enjoy it’s flavor. We suggest starting slow and sticking with about 15mg per beverage. 

Our oils are mint flavored so they pair well with a Mojito, Margarita, Mint Julep and even my morning matcha, (you know I can’t function until I’ve had mine). You can experiment with what you like and let us know, we’d love to hear! 

“Get your daily dose of greens in more ways than one: The smoky mezcal, vegetal Aquavit, and CBD team up with your favorite green juice to create a flavor profile that Cheech and Chong could get behind.” – Maxwell Reis

CBD Mezcal Margarita Recipe

1 oz mezcal

1 oz. aquavit

3/4 oz. lime juice

3/4 oz. agave syrup

1 oz. green juice like kale, celery, arugula

pinch of sea salt

15mg CBD tincture or oil

edible flower for garnish


1. In a shaker filled with ice, combine the mezcal, aquavit, lime juice, agave, green juice, salt and CBD.

2. Shake, then fine strain into a lowball glass with one large ice cube.

3. Garnish with a flower, or edible greens.


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