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Better Daze – Energy Formula


You want your day to start out on the right foot, with our unique blend of extra strength full-spectrum CBD oil you can do that! Our energizing blend will give you the drive and that extra edge to get you through your day with clarity and mental focus. Always free of harmful solvents, pesticides, GMO’s and is 100% plant-based. Get ready for greater productivity with our energy formula, get ready to say hello to “Better Daze”.

Mint Flavor.



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Ashwagandha – An adaptogenic herb known to reduce blood sugar levels, have anti-cancer properties, reduce cortisol levels (decrease stress/anxiety) and boost testosterone and increase fertility in men.

Astragalus – A powerful herb that promotes energy and has immune-boosting, anti-aging inflammatory properties.

Rhodiola – An adaptogen that regulates hormones, increases energy, improves muscle recovery, boosts immune system and promotes a healthy stress hormone.